Following comprehensive evaluation of the client, Georgia Autism Center staff collaborate with parents, schools, physicians, and other professionals to coordinate care and optimize treatment interventions that complement their child’s level of development and unique learning or emotional/behavioral needs.

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Debbie is an experienced advocate for students with disAbilities. She works with families to help them acquire educational and financial resources.  As a consultant, she is able to help parents and families understand how to navigate through the Special Education and medical funding process. 

In the Special Education arena, Debbie assists parents by meeting their individual needs, consulting 1:1, and by attending school meetings helping to create solid educational plans for children with all types of Abilities.


You may reach Debbie at phone number 800-378-3142 or email, or you may visit her website.



Ann Elliott is the Director and CEO of Raise Them High, Inc. She is the mother of three, including one Autistic son. After being a nurse for 40+ years, Ann started Raise Them High with the idea that she could help special needs children get services that they need in order for them to improve and progress.

Ann works with families of special needs children completing Deeming Waiver paperwork and walking them through the process of getting approved. She has dedicated her life to helping people, now she does what she loves best – helping children.

You may reach Ann at phone number 678-313-1527 or email, or you may visit her website.



Mr. DJ Jeyaram provides legal services to a wide variety of healthcare providers including physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, Medicaid waiver providers as well as special needs families.


Healthcare & Regulatory

Mr. Jeyaram concentrates in healthcare regulatory matters, primarily in administrative appeals, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, and program integrity audits and investigations.

Mr. Jeyaram’s practice also includes assisting clients with Stark, Anti-kickback issues, Certificate of Need (CON), Letters of Non-Reviewability (LNR), acquisition and opposition, as well as negotiating business, employment and contractual relationships between healthcare providers.

Mr. Jeyaram focuses on providing legal services for healthcare providers and special needs families. In addition, Mr. Jeyaram serves as a part time Judge for Gwinnett County Magistrate Court.


Email or visit his website, or call DJ 678-325-3872.


Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver

Established in 1982 under the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act/TEFRA (P.L. 97-248), the Katie Beckett Medicaid Program (KB), permits the state to ignore family income for certain children who are disabled. It provides benefits to certain children 18 years of age or less who qualify as disabled individuals under §1614 of the Social Security Act and who live at home rather than in an institution. These children must meet specific criteria to be covered.

Qualification is not based on medical diagnosis; instead it is based on the institutional level of care the child requires. Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations outlines the criteria used to determine eligibility.

Katie Beckett forms

View Katie Beckett Fact Sheet

New Options Waiver Program (NOW) and Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP) The MRWP Waiver has been renamed as the New Options Waiver Program (NOW) and the CHSS Waiver has been renamed as the Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP).


The New Options Waiver Program and the Comprehensive Support Waiver Program offer home and community-based services for people who have mental retardation or a developmental disability. A diagnosis of developmental disability includes mental retardation or other closely related conditions such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism or neurological problems that require the level of care provided in an intermediate care facility for people who have mental retardation (ICF-MR).


NOW application

COMP application

Georgia Early Intervention Program/

Babies Can’t Wait

The mission for Part C/Babies Can’t Wait:  Part C early intervention builds upon and provides supports and resources to assist family members and caregivers to enhance children’s learning and development through everyday learning opportunities for 0-3 age population:


Parent to Parent of Georgia

Parent to Parent of Georgia offers a variety of services to Georgia families of children with disabilities or special healthcare needs, including a special needs database to locate providers in your community, support services, & educational opportunities and trainings for parents:

FOCUS+Fragile Kids of GA

FOCUS (Families of Children under Stress) was started by two parents of children with special needs.  The organization provides emotional support, respite care, community resources, and equipment grants for medically fragile children:

The Birth Injury Justice Center

The Birth Injury Justice Center is dedicated to supporting anyone who has been affected by birth injuries, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and other developmental disabilities. We strive to provide answers and guidance to ensure that families receive the assistance that they need to help improve their overall quality of life:

Accredited Schools Online

How to Support Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder - This guide discusses the unique difficulties autistic students face and how educators can respond to them. In addition, advice is provided from autism experts and resources to help families with an ASD child.

Organizations That Provide Grants for Children with ASD and Developmental Disabilities

Check out these amazing programs for children with ASD



Going to the dentist can be a cause for anxiety for most of us, but it’s a very different feeling for those with autism.


Would you like to participate in the largest genetic study of autism, ever? Check out Understanding SPARK's Gene List and the Registration Infographic.

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